NFL Schedule Week 17

Sunday 4PM #2 – Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Game 2 in the 4 o’clock window is a defensive struggle between the other two AFC West teams. Yes, it’s an all-AFC West affair to close out the regular season. If you don’t like it, write to your local NFL schedule creator. The good news is that both of these teams will likely be fighting for the division title and playoff positioning. That always makes for a good game.

Keys to the Game


Just like the last time they played, getting an early lead and forcing Denver to throw will swing this game in KC’s favor. The Broncos’ passing game just doesn’t match up very well with the Chiefs’ secondary. Marcus Peters will give Denver fits. Offensively, KC just needs to work the ball to Spencer Ware and Tyreek Hill in order to move the ball down the field. The Broncos’ defense won’t give up too many points, but they’ll yield enough for Kansas City to get a win.


Denver is going to have to rely on their defense to steal the show. The offense leaves a lot to be desired, especially against a tough defense like Kansas City’s. A pick six from Chris Harris Jr. or Aqib Talib would really get things moving in Denver’s direction. Without that, we’re looking at a 10-6 type of game where the Denver defense does the heavy lifting and the offense is able to make a big play or two to steal a win.