NFL Schedule Week 17

New York Giants at Washington Redskins, 1p.m. EST


When you’re not watching New England and Miami, you should be tuned into this game and vice versa. Eli Manning and Kirk Cousins will be dueling for the NFC East crown while Dallas is likely feasting on rookie quarterback Carson Wentz and the Eagles. This game will be much more entertaining and likely have way more impact.

Keys to the Game

New York Giants

Much like the New England/Miami game, the Giants will be focused on getting pressure in the backfield. Washington’s biggest weapon is Kirk Cousins and the passing game and limiting will lead them to victory. New York has one of the most talented defensive fronts in the NFL now and they’ll need to put their money where their mouth is. The secondary is improved but won’t be able to hold up all day long without putting pressure on Cousins.


There will be two keys for the Redskins to get a W in this game. Number one, forcing Eli into one of his “turnover-fest” games would quickly turn the tide in Washington’s favor. Eli is often all or nothing and the Giants are in trouble when he’s throwin picks. Number two,  Washington needs to establish some sort of running threat. The Giants boast too much pass rushing talent to let them chase Cousins around all day. They’ll get to him and they’ll bring the pain. If Washington can run the ball, it will force New York to respect it and dial down the pass rush.